July 11, 2019

Your Tips For Acquiring Available Loads

5009033287_0686f5e296_o-1 Trucker By Thomas Kohler is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Hey, all!

It's 'The Brothers' back again for round two of this oddly peaceful tag team collaboration! You guys seem to have enjoyed the tone of last week's post (a lot of you claimed you could tell who wrote which part, and that Harry's were the best, naturally – just kidding, Bill!), so we decided we would tackle the answers to last week's Q&A as a unit, as well.

Before we do that, though, the usual refresher, for those who weren't paying attention or simply had better things to do last week than read a blog about haulage written by two British brothers. Last week, we threw out a topic for one of our renowned reader interactions - one that was a little more serious than usual. We wanted to know your tips and tricks for staying abreast of those all-important available loads, so that we could hopefully get our readers sharing expertise and networking with one another to make everyone's life simpler. Below are three of the favourite methods sent in for staying 'on top of the game', straight from our wonderful readership.

'There isn't really a formula for staying ahead of available loads – although signing up to a freight exchange is the most important thing you can do. But also, being in the right place, at the right time is vital. I know it sounds like common sense, but it really does pay to stay informed – so I do. As well as the freight exchange websites I'm always poking around forums and the like. It's paid off untold times in the past.' - Ed, London

'Fortunately, my group of friends is pretty chilled out, and we don't really compete with one another, so nobody has any problem informing the others about extra available loads when they turn up. I know, not useful for everyone, but hey – you guys asked how I did it! So I'm telling you: be good to your mates and they'll be good to you!' - Joe, Hampshire

'I have a sixth sense! Just kidding...I signed up to a service that gives me notifications on my phone. That, and my superior driving skills, means I'm ahead of the rest plenty of times! Heh heh!' - Rob, Yorkshire.

And on that bit of self-promotion we'll leave it there – thanks Rob! See you next month, for more of the same.

- Bill