January 02, 2019

Scania Showcases a Vision of the Future

Scania’s Freight in the City 2018 stands emphasised the company’s focus on sustainability as they put on display their alternative fuel vehicles and cabs designed for inner-city driving.

Freight in the City 2018

The fourth annual Freight in the City Expo took place on November 6th at Alexandra Palace. For many manufacturers in attendance, including Scania, it was an opportunity to showcase their vision for the future of delivery work.

Looking Towards the Future

Scania’s range of city trucks is certainly forward-looking. The features are tailored to suit city driving with particular focus given to key areas, such as visibility. The new models also take the practicalities of delivery work into consideration with special features added to improve driver’s working conditions.

Also on show was their range of alternative fuel vehicles – gas-powered vehicles put forward as an immediate solution to improving the sustainability of urban transport and delivery work. Their biogas transport offers an 85% reduction in carbon dioxide and natural gas 15%.


The P-Series, Scania’s most versatile cab range was on display at the event. Each cab in the series has great visibility – ideal for city driving – and is also low weight. The P-Series has multiple cab options, sleeper, short and day which themselves can be modified to suit different needs.

When working with the P-Series you are effectively building your own truck, choosing cab, engine, gearbox, chassis height and more. The company is giving their customers control and therefore improving efficiency for individual businesses.


Scania is promoting the G-Series as highly adaptable. They are offering a wide range of options, so businesses can tweak the design to their own needs.

The premium quality cab is good news for those thinking of this design for future delivery work, as it means drivers can work in comfort and safety on the roads.

Key Cab Design Features

  • Driver area has larger displays, better graphics and intuitive controls.
  • Visibility enhanced through repositioning the driver seat, lowering the front dash slightly, lowering the side window and slimming out the A-pillars.
  • The cab has been designed with comfort in mind for resting and/or sleeping. There is a whole range of options to choose from to ensure drivers are refreshed after a break.


Created with urban transport in mind, the L-Series has a five-star Direct Vision standard. The model helps to take some of the strain out of delivery work with optional kneeling mode and lower boarding steps either side of the cab.

7 Litre Engine

A real highlight of the Scania stand for me was their 7-litre engine. This beautiful piece of machinery is available in three power outputs – 200, 250 and 280. The engine is low weight, low noise and highly efficient.

Events like Freight in the City are great - they encourage and showcase innovation, helping to push the industry forward. This year, I was impressed with Scania’s focus on versatility, sustainability, and driver experience. As manufacturers tackle some of the problems our industry must deal with, we are seeing more and more exciting and ground-breaking designs.