July 22, 2019

Improved Truck Stop for Scottish Haulage Drivers

Haulage drivers working in Scotland are in for a treat with the recent opening of a brand new hi-tech refuelling bunker. If you like your fuel fast and your facilities fantastic, The ‘fechan Truckstop’s partnership with independent fuel distributor Certas Energy is set to make it high on the hit-list of your favourite driver stop offs in the country.

Finding The ‘fechan 

Haulage drivers working around the Ecclefechan area will probably already be in know about this very popular truck stop, which is located at Junction 19 of the A74 motorway. It’s got some great facilities including an excellent diner, TV room, free Wi-Fi and showers for those on a long haul trip.

The management of the site (Eardley International) is committed to making this a high quality place for haulage drivers working around Scotland and beyond and, through this new partnership with Certas, they’ve succeeded in creating one of the most impressive sites in the UK. So if you don’t already call The ‘fechan one of your regular stops, it could be about time you checked it out!

State-of-the-Art Refuelling Onsite

So, what’s so hi-tech about the new Certas bunker site? Prepare to be impressed…

As well as featuring the very latest technology in terms of data collection, fuel monitoring and filtration, the site has the facilities to dispense multiple products, including AdBlue, Gas Oil and Road Diesel.

With capability to refuel three HGVs at the same time, fuel is delivered at an eye-popping 120 litres per minute. So, if you’re on a deadline you’ll be fuelled up and ready to get back on the road in no time without any hold-ups. And if you’re on a rest break it’ll leave you all the more time to enjoy the facilities of the truck stop at your leisure!

Haulage Drivers to Reap the Benefits

With the bunker now officially in operation since its launch on May 7, it’s time for haulage drivers to start taking advantage of the benefits of its high-speed refuelling capabilities. Anyone with a Certas Energy fuel card will also enjoy added bonuses.

Graham Eardley (the owner) spoke out to say how excited he was about partnering with Certas Energy, which is the UK’s leading independent distributor of lubricants and fuels. We reckon it looks like he’s well on his way to delivering on his promise of a one-stop super truck stop.

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