August 12, 2019

HGV Drivers and the Amazon Effect on Logistics

For this post I’m going to assume you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years and have heard of a little old company by the name of Amazon. Are you with me? Of course you are.

All jokes aside, like all the rest of the haulage drivers out there, you’ve probably been subjected to a never-ending barrage of opinions and advice, sprinkled with a generous dose of misinformation, regarding the so-called “Amazon Effect” – aka, “what does all that super-fast delivery mean for humble hardworking haulage drivers?”

How the Amazon Effect Affects Us

So, aside from showing off my grammar skills, just what does all that super fast delivery mean for the industry and its haulage drivers? The simple answer is, probably the most radical changes in logistics we’ve ever seen.

More Tech, Better Tech

There’s no denying the technology bandwagon, and if you drive for a living, you’ve just gotta get on it! With the demand for faster and cheaper deliveries comes the need to be tech-ready in the cab. Even now we’re starting to see recruiters looking for these kinds of skills for HGV drivers.

Strategic Routing and Operations

Whereas we used to be able to plan our routes from A to B and back again (hopefully with a backload in tow), now operations are moving towards the use of multiple depots and drop-off points, and larger fleets of smaller vehicles to speed up the delivery process.

Increased Driving Efficiency

Tying in with the increased use of technology to track fuel consumption and driver behaviour (including speed and rest breaks), drivers are being forced to be more accountable and stick to the routes – and rules. When it comes to managing customer expectations it’s imperative that transparency is provided at an optimal level and, at the end of the day, much of that comes down to employee performance.

Next Day, Same Day, What’s Next?

While everyone loves to name-drop about the Amazon Effect, the reality that can’t be ignored is that, whatever you want to call it, it’s changed the entire face of our industry. The expectation of fast, cheap, door-to-door delivery has shaken the very foundations and had implications at every single point of the supply chain.

It’s exciting times to be living through it and all we can do is keep calm and keep on carrying those loads!

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