October 29, 2018

Celebrating Logistics with National Lorry Week

It’s that time of year again – the RHA’s National Lorry Week. It brings with it a whole week to celebrate all things lorry and we’re not going to lie - we love it!

Big Logistics Love

Although here at Haulage Exchange we’re all big fans of trucks (naturally), the general public occasionally likes to have a moan about them, don’t they? Perhaps they blame HGVs for traffic jams or increased pollution or even incidents on the road. Well, the fourth National Lorry Week is a great time to put right some of the myths surrounding HGVs, and really shout from the rooftops all the great things hauliers do for the country - from getting food on the supermarket shelves to delivering essential fuel.

Why Do You #LoveTheLorry?


This year the RHA ran a brilliant online campaign asking everyone to share why they #Love TheLorry. Members of the haulage industry were encouraged to tweet the RHA or film a short clip explaining what is so great about trucks. The RHA also wanted people to help promote the industry in colleges and schools to inspire a new generation of workers to begin a career in haulage.

Drivers and amateur enthusiasts alike posted pictures of their favourite vehicles, bright and shining in the sun. Industry insiders also shared trips they took to schools and other community groups, giving children a chance to see HGVs up close. These types of visits are so important, giving young people a better understanding of the vital role heavy vehicles play in day-to-day life.

Truck lovers pointed out that we would be without basic essentials in our shops, such as milk and bread (and chocolate of course) if HGVs put the brakes on. In fact, around sixty percent of road freight in the UK is food related, meaning that everyone in the country benefits from the haulage network, whether they realise it or not.

The People Behind the Wheel


This week isn’t just about the vehicles, of course, but those who drive them. Tweeters also highlighted some of the exceptional drivers who have won prizes and accolades over the past year; for example, a brave haulier who stopped a gang of motorbike thieves! Working in haulage can be tough at times, with long hours and time pressures not to mention constant trouble parking, so it’s great to take a few days to appreciate the skills and commitment that HGV drivers have to their work.

At Haulage Exchange it’s always lorry week because we help thousands of members of the industry, from owner operators to large companies, improve efficiency and create great professional networks.