July 22, 2019

Case Study – RAS International, Making Connections Count

Our case study of international road, sea and air transport company RAS International shows how the UK’s fastest growing freight delivery service uses Haulage Exchange to run their day-to-day operations more efficiently. It really goes to show that making connections counts…

RAS International: A Shining Star in the Haulage Industry

When RAS gained membership to the Exchange in 2016, they had a clear vision of growing their business through not only taking on as many loads as they could, but also by building solid relationships that would take them into the future. Since then, the company has evolved into a thriving international freight operation.

Vital Statistics

  • It’s a seven day a week operation
  • They use a network of more than 4,000 vehicles
  • They offer a 24-hour service
  • Can transport payload of any weight or size
  • Provide the tightest ‘just in time’ deliveries in the business
  • Offer a ‘White Glove’ premium service

Identifying the Obstacles

Before becoming a member of the Exchange, RAS did most of the chasing of business by phone, which was both time-consuming and time wasting. Their biggest obstacle to expanding their business and running it in the most efficient way was the difficulty in finding the right people to connect with. When they joined the Exchange their aims were clear:

  • Find more loads
  • Build relationships
  • Find the right people to do business with
  • Get feedback from peers in the haulage industry
  • Grow their reach
  • Fill empty return journeys

Better Efficiency with HX

The company says that utilising the HX platform has not only increased efficiencies, it has made life a whole lot easier. For them, the features that have been most helpful are:

  • Being able to find loads instantly
  • Advertising empty capacity in real-time
  • Building relationships with qualified people
  • Helpful and useful feedback

Life’s Always Better with Friends

RAS is delighted with how quickly and effectively they have been able to establish long-lasting quality relationships within the haulage industry. Their day-to-day operations have become more streamlined, and errors have been reduced significantly because information and data is clearly displayed in real time. They’ve not only got a far healthier bottom line by reducing their dead mileage, they’ve also increased the size of their fleet due to extending their range both nationally and internationally.

We’re proud to say we’ve been instrumental in that success and may there be many more years of it!

If you’re a member of Haulage Exchange your business has the potential to match the stellar success of RAS International. You’ll make valuable industry connections and have access to real time load matching, a huge virtual workforce and a suite of professional management tools at your fingertips.