April 04, 2019

Case Study: Point to Point, A Very Personal Approach

Owner of London-based logistics logistics company Point to Point, Kevin Grey, knows the importance of reliable, loyal employees. But, as our case study shows, he also walks the walk when it comes to the equally important aspect of running his company: technology.

With four decades of experience in the logistics industry, Kevin understands you can’t afford to lag behind in the technology stakes and, with the advent of e-commerce it’s becoming ever more significant. Having lived through the technology (or lack thereof) used in the delivery industry since black and white TVs were a thing, Kevin cites the Haulage and Courier freight exchange platforms as having been an integral part of Point to Point’s supercharged success.

Membership Reaps Rewards

So, where does membership of the TX platforms come in to Kevin’s equation? Well, for Point to Point, technology has been a valuable tool in their development. Having access to a vast ‘virtual fleet’ of drivers and more than 5,600 trade-only businesses has allowed them to operate in a way they would not have been able to using their own resources. Kevin says a major contributing factor is that members are vetted beforehand, affording him a high level of confidence that drivers he uses meet Point to Point’s rigorous professional standards. Being able to procure backloads and posting real-time jobs have seen them expand to offer services like same day or next day deliveries, in order to drive profits higher.

Collaboration Delivers Excellence

It just so happens that Kevin Grey is not only the owner of a very successful logistics company, he’s also president of the National Courier and Dispatch Association (NCDA). His role sees him travelling the country speaking to other small and medium sized businesses about how the industry can help itself, by collaborating to create a more sustainable business model.

Drop and Deliver

In this capacity, Kevin has plans to utilise the Exchanges in a very exciting way. Recognising the impact the London ULEZ levy will have on small businesses when it comes into effect, he plans to set up a series of mini-hubs, located in various sites just outside the London T-charge zone. Drivers still running non-Euro 6 compliant vehicles will be able to drop off goods to these hub warehouses, and they’ll then be delivered the rest of the way by via Haulage and Courier Exchange’s virtual fleet of more than 40,000 vehicles.

Working with the Exchanges, Kevin has grand plans to implement the ‘You Drop, We Deliver’ scheme throughout the entire country. As a logistics company owner himself, he believes this kind of software technology effectively enhances not only the customers’ experience, but also, most importantly, that of the drivers.

As Point to Point shows, membership to Haulage Exchange has benefits even beyond real time load matching. By embracing the technology of a freight exchange, you’ll have access to a vast virtual workforce that can open up opportunities you may never even have considered. The sky’s the limit!