April 30, 2019

Case Study: H. Nickolls and Son Ltd

In our case study of the thriving haulage business H. Nickolls and Son Ltd, we showcase how a company that’s been around for nearly a hundred years has combined tradition and innovation in a formula that achieved great success.

A New Guard with Old Values

Current MD John Nickolls has a firm grip on the reigns of the Stafford haulage business his grandfather started back in 1923. But he certainly hasn’t strayed far from the values upon which the company was founded: good service, hard work and flexibility.

But while committed to staying true to the company’s high standards, John was also very keen to grow the business, by improving operational efficiency while still offering the highest standard of service to their new and longstanding clients.

Technology to Take a Business Forward…

By wholeheartedly embracing the technology of advanced telematics across his fleet of 15 vehicles, John’s been able to offer a superior level of transparency for his clients as well as streamlining his operations. By being able to track the location of each and every driver in his fleet, he’s able to provide a greater level of efficiency and vastly improved time-management both out on the road and in the office.

…and Taking Technology Further

Recently, when John was ready to take his haulage business to the next level, he identified the benefits of integrated telematics, in order to increase the fleet’s productivity and efficiency. The business became a member of the Haulage Exchange, which facilitated consolidation with their existing telematics provider. By joining the Exchange, the company now not only has complete visibility across its own fleet, it also now has access to our virtual fleet of around 50,000 vehicles.

By gaining real-time access to the vast workforce on the Exchange, John anticipates capitalising on the Just-in-Time manufacturing aspect of the industry, by using (fully vetted) sub-contracted drivers to expand his reach and take on time-critical jobs further afield.

No More Empty Runnings

While H. Nickolls and Son Ltd have only recently joined Haulage Exchange, John already sees the platform as an invaluable tool to the growth and profitability of his haulage business. His next step is to tackle the issue of dead mileage, by using the platform to load build and source return loads. By having that real-time ability to bid for loads all over the country, John plans to make every mile count for his fleet.

H. Nickolls and Son Ltd are a stellar example of a company making the most of both tradition and technology, and the Haulage Exchange is proud to be playing such an integral role in their success.

If you want to build your business and enjoy the same success as H. Nickolls and Son Ltd, becoming a member of the Haulage Exchange will be the best decision you ever make. Take advantage of real time load matching, professional management tools and a huge virtual workforce at your fingertips.