July 22, 2019

Another Haulage Exchange Success: H Crabtree Ltd.

Our members are as diverse as the loads they transport and our case study of freight management company H Crabtree Ltd shows that sometimes, in the haulage industry, going big is all about thinking bigger…

From Regional Success to National Haulage Industry Stars

When the company started out in 1961 they worked hard to establish tight connections in their regional area, but today, operating from two depots (Derbyshire and Wiltshire) and with a fleet of more than 50 vehicles, their reach has extended to encompass clients around the UK.

Growth and Capacity

For any business to succeed in the logistics industry, the key is expansion and diversification. For H Crabtree Ltd, the need to expand their network throughout the UK in order to take on extra jobs and reduce empty mileage, motivated them sign up to Haulage Exchange five years ago.

As members of the Exchange they’ve been able to find work for their own fleet of vehicles, reduce empty capacity and outsource excess work. They’ve even been able to grow their network of clients and take their business national – even to the most remote locations, without having to take on the costs of expanding their fleet.

A Virtual Workforce at their Fingertips

Since joining the Exchange, H Crabtree Ltd has developed some important regular partnerships, as well as many more on a casual basis. They cite that one of the best features has been the ability to connect with vetted, peer-rated sub-contractors, providing them with a high level of confidence in their outsourcers. The feedback system allows them to keep up to date with exactly to whom they’re trusting the reputation of their business. Being able to take on extra work in previously inaccessible areas has also been key to their expansion.

Thanks Tony!

Tony Perkins, of H Crabtree Ltd has given a gracious nod to the part the Exchange has played in the company’s success, acknowledging that membership has directly facilitated valuable professional collaborations that have seen the profitability of the business increase.

If you’re in the haulage industry and you’re not already a member of Haulage Exchange you’re missing out. As the leading provider of managed freight services for the domestic road transport industry in the UK, membership will help you operate your business more efficiently and profitably.