July 05, 2019

A Cashless Craze: The Future of Payments on the Road

It won’t have escaped your attention that our world is moving very quickly towards being one that no longer deals in cash, and those of us in haulage work will soon have no option but to keep up with the times and go cashless. After all, using digital technology gives customers more convenient ways to pay and makes keeping track of finances much easier for our managers and fleet owners.

Thankfully we have AS 24 on our side, who work hard to offer us cashless solutions throughout our industry.

Here we provide an introduction into what cashless options are out there.

Fuel Cards:


Single AS 24

This is a nifty little wallet-sized card that provides access to 830 AS 24 fuel stations all over Europe. It is ideal if your company tends to always assign the same vehicle for haulage work to each driver specifically.


  • It is secure, PIN protected and also allows fuel limits to be set.
  • It can be used at automated stations and is therefore very convenient


Double AS 24


  • This flexible friend has been designed for use in a vehicle that is used by multiple drivers for haulage work. The driver has one card and the vehicle has one too (the vehicle’s never leaves the cab)
  • Managers maintain control over who has refuelled, and in which vehicle


Eurotrafic Card


  • With this card, drivers can fuel up at partner stations, as well as at AS 24 ones
  • Drivers can also use this to pay for Ad Blue pumps, truck washing, breakdown assistance and, importantly, the excellent secure parking network
  • The Eurotrafic Card can be used at almost 900 UK stations, and at around 13,000 others around Europe
  • UK tolls and those in 16 other European countries can be paid for with this card
  • The HGV levy can also be paid using this cashless method



Finding the money to pay for tolls can be a real inconvenience – that’s where this handy cashless method comes in.


  • Using the PASSango toll box that is fixed onto the truck, you can pay for tolls at stations all over Europe. It works via a transponder system, which detects the toll box sensor on a vehicle when it passes through the toll station
  • No cash is required
  • AS 24 customers only pay for the roads they use and there are never any hidden extras to pay
  • Using PASSango means that drivers working in Europe can make use of the excellent HGV parking facilities, and don’t need to pay anything extra
  • Getting through tolls with high efficiency means that you don’t have to queue, and can relax a little more when it comes to meeting your deadlines

Of course, going cashless comes with a nominal risk, mainly in the guise of cyber security. However, AS 24 is on the ball, and they make transaction security a priority in everything they do. The company also offers a range of other services that you can make use of when you become a customer.

There’s no doubt the haulage work industry is keeping pace with the ever-changing world and its developing technology, but drivers need to be given the confidence and the information in order to make the changes required. Going cashless is simple and can become second nature in no time, leaving you and your managers wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.